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Sellers and agents know that pre-qualified buyers are serious and more likely to complete a sale. This is important leverage.

Credit Scores

Higher scores often mean better programs and rates. Learn what lenders consider that improves your chances of saving money.

Loan Types

Fixed-rate, adjustable, jumbo — here’s a comprehensive list of common and not so common mortgage purchase rates.

Property Valuation

Home appraisal process includes inspection, researching comparable homes, and gathering data to present a final report.

Mortgage Rates

Learn about current rates and how to lower your monthly payment with tips and guides on mortgage rates.

Income & Assets

What you can afford often comes down to simple math. Understanding key terms and documents can help save time and money.

Education is essential

Buying a home is a significant investment and research and education is essential.

Some consumers feel that mortgage companies want to steer you toward a mortgage option that is best for the company and not the customer. At Lenderful, we want to empower you to make decisions that help you get the mortgage you need. It is because of this that we believe education is essential. The more you understand, the better decisions you will make, and the more comfortable and in control you will feel. In our Learning Center we’ll help you understand all the variables and nuances of the mortgage process so you can become the expert.

If you have a question the Learning Center doesn’t answer, ask a Lenderful Expert! They’re standing by to help with whatever you need.

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